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5S in Food Manufacturing


As the food industry continues to receive enormous competitive pressures locally and globally, there is no other industry where Six Sigma and Lean processes are required more than ever. BITA consultants have helped food manufacturers sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain their IT operations in their office and in the plant. BITA has facilitated Canadian government funding to streamline processes and upgrade technology of up to $350 000, thereby improving their competitive edge.



A local manufacturing company was decades out of date and yet the technology process was cutting edge. Major national buyers were on their doorstep demanding their product but the staff were slow to respond. The 3rd generation President was up in arms trying to coordinate the administration and operation processes.

Behind Schedule All the Time


Computers were 12 years old, the internal software was not communicating with up to date software. Finance could not print out reports from Accpac so transcribed the data into Excel to build reports. The production and warehouse departments were working 16 hour shifts, mostly for problem solving issues

New Computer Network provides Opportunities


1. 5S process of Six Sigma was applied:

2. Sorted technology to what could stay and what type of technology should come in.

3. Set in Order to reorganize the Administration Office according to job function and workflow

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4. Shine  was already part of their culture being a Food Manufacturer

5. Standardize IT Security and Compliance policies are part of BITA’s core competencies.  This would lay the foundation for the company to grow and expand.

6. Sustain the IT infrastructure allowing the staff in the plant and in the office to be productive without technical or process disruptions