IT Cost Containment


IT is the only department where 85% of their budgets are spent on maintenance, while only 15% is spent on revenue generating projects.  However, the difference is that IT Budgets are transforming from CapEx to OpEx with the demands of treating IT as a service.  BITA engages with companies as a Professional Service using our Six Sigma Black Belt process.

Legacy Systems, Tools, and Processes


There are many companies whose businesses activities have not changed since the day they started. For many business owners, IT is a foreign language that they don’t have time to learn.  They either accept what their IT guy says or ignore it, while very few are empowered to make the right decision.  BITA consultants have found active fax lines that were not in use, software licenses that were paid for but were never installed, brand new computers sitting in the telco room from 3 years ago. The list can sadly go on.  What legacy systems, tools and processes are you unaware of in your business?  Call us.

How to improve data quality


Excel has been around since 1987 and yet there are still many people who don’t know how to use it or use it well. BITA has found staff who use Excel but use a calculator to add up the cells. There have also been reported incidences where employees create their own reports in Excel, manually typed in from printed reports from two separate databases because the databases could not talk to each other. The reason? 'It would be too expensive to make it work'. Imagine the countless employee hours

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that are robbing your company of unpaid productivity. By engaging BITA consultants who apply Six Sigma Black Belt processes, improving the quality is free of charge.

Reducing OpEx in IT


The first category to cut when it comes to reducing the IT Budget is  hardware.  The reality is that hardware only makes up 6% (on average) of the total OpEx and would make very little difference if cut.  On average 53% of the OpEx IT budget are internal and external services therefore it would make sense to reallocate from there; most IT consultants are able to reduce these services by 37%.  When BITA consultants are involved, there are savings of up to 60% just by applying rigorous Six Sigma Black Belt and MECE (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive) protocols.