BITA consultants think, listen, and observe from the top – down and side-side.  Just like in “Undercover Boss”, BITA is able to provide clients a realistic overview of what is really going on.  Our IT management team are onsite take care your IT systems stay aligned with your business objectives.    Companies rely on our strategic leadership, and discipline for evaluating, planning and installation of infrastructure technology and services.



There is a lot of activity in Cloud Services.  Cloud and Virtual solutions are not the answer for all companies. It can be part of the solution but at the end of the day, there are still businesses that need to have a server and onsite technical support to get things done immediately.  Clients still appreciate interacting with someone who will think and complete tasks without waiting.  BITA is committed to reducing the technical frustrations and bottlenecks companies have with their IT department.

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BITA IT consultants are committed to delivering onsite, secure and available IT Solutions for the Small to Medium Enterprise.  We tailor to your individual needs and provide convenient onsite support options to help maintain your productivity. Our services are focused on delivering real solutions that allow your staff and management to stay focused on business goals and not the technology tools.  We make the Technology seamless to your day to day business operations.



If you have Internet access, computers, printers, smartphones and software in your business, then you have Network Infrastructure.  Once installed and setup, it does not remain stagnant; it requires updates, upgrades and maintenance because it is being used all the time.  The Network components are all commercial grade; purchased through the technology distribution channel.  Each piece is purchased based on quality, durability and specifications based on job function.  Therefore all BITA networks are solid stable infrastructures built to last.



Companies that go through an IT audit consistently see an annual cost reduction of 18%. IT cost containment is a process BITA specializes in. IT security lapses and poorly documented risk management make up 90% of business and data loss.  Through BITA’s IT auditing protocols in ISO 27001, IT Lead Auditor and COBIT training, clients have experienced our Auditing service as a revenue generator instead of an expense.