IT solutions include hardware and software.  IT Business Solutions include people and the desired outcome to the Business.  This is why BITA’s root cause methodology works – it adds multiple key drivers to the already complex problem and with thorough analysis, the recommended IT business solution works.  Once it’s fixed…it stays fixed.




We are all students who never stop learning.  Every company is different and every day is a different circumstance.  In such a dynamic environment, research about the company, the applications and  the internal and external people who are involved is imperative to implementing the right solution.  This is where Elizabeth’s creativity is very useful. 




At BITA we have never changed our Estimate.  Our Estimate is our final invoice.  How do we do it?  Through our research and experience, we know the right questions to ask and what variables of  information we need to provide the project scope.  The best part is after BITA has presented the Status Quo report, it is completely up to the Client to pick what they want fixed, completely a la carte at a fixed price guarantee. 



There is no client headaches or projects that go on and on and on.  BITA consultants are on a mission. We want you to be as happy and productive as soon as possible.  That is why BITA spends the time to investigate, research and analyze what is involved, and could go wrong and impact the business objectives.   BITA maintains a high but realistic standard for time frames and organizational communication.